Nickel & Nickel Wine Dinner | March 21, 2019

Indulge in a decadent evening at Oak on March 21st. We have teamed up with the Napa Valley Winery, Nickel & Nickel, because of their vineyard's distinct personality and dedication to quality.

The dinner, which begins at 7pm, will boast five fabulous single-vineyard wines and six delicious dishes. Each dish has been created to compliment the flavor profile of the Nickel & Nickel wines.

Our monthly wine dinners are a chance for guests to meet like-minded people who are passionate about food, wine, and excellence.

Our menu: 



1st course: Shigoku Oyster and Lychee

charred corn, sunchoke, potato, and whole grain mustard

paired with: nickel & nickel chardonnay | truchard vineyard


2nd course: Cold Smoked Ocean Trout “Crudo”

candied bacon, fermented blackberry

paired with: nickel & nickel merlot | harris vineyard


3rd course: 5 spice Cured Venison Carpaccio and Charred Tri-tip

unripe plum, olive, tarragon

paired with: nickel & nickel cabernet | sullenger vineyard

paired with: nickel & nickel cabernet | cc ranch vineyard


4th course: Triple-seared A5

morels, fig, red wine bergamot kosho

paired with: nickel & nickel syrah | darien vineyard


5th course: Caramelized Pink Lady Apple Blintz Crostada

farmer's cheese, passion fruit caramel, green apple and olive oil sorbet


To reserve:
 Call Oak at (214) 712-9700

March 21 | Nickel and Nickel Wine Dinner


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